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Sherwood Arboretum is a well-recognised birding hotspot, thanks to its generous tree cover, protected wetlands and mangroves, all sitting beside an established ‘wildlife corridor’, the Brisbane River.

Over the past 20 years, some 170 bird species have been recorded in the Arboretum. It is an ideal location to take local and international visitors for their first birding experience. The Arboretum sometimes provides excellent views of several local rarities, such as Spotless Crake, Pale-vented Bush-hen and White-headed Pigeon.

For beginners, it’s common to find 40 to 50 species in a 90-minute walk. An early start soon after sunrise is recommended.





      Small channel between islands

      The southern island is dominated by woody vegetation and look out for Brown Honeyeaters.


      Causeway (eastern end)

      The causeway between the lakes is the most exciting part of the Arboretum for birds.


      Causeway (western end)

      A family of Little Friarbirds lives on the islands and can be seen anywhere along the causeway.


      Northern Arboretum (lakeside)

      As you move north along the lake edge continue to scare the reeds.


      Northern arboretum (riverside)

      Walk fairly quickly west across the open space to the northern river edge.


      Western creek bridge

      Walk south to the small bridge over the western creek.



      River boardwalk

      Check the tree branches for a family of Tawny Frogmouth that have bred here.


      Fig grove

      Continue to walk south but leave the path and head into this impressive grove of figs.


      More information

      Professor Hugh Possingham

      Life-long bird watcher and Australian ecologist, Professor Hugh Possingham, Chief Scientist of The Nature Conservancy, is your guide for bird walks in the Arboretum.

      For news on Arboretum bird walks, please email

      If you sight rare or new birds, please email

      Please consider entering your observations into the eBird database to help document the Arboretum’s birdlife

      For your Sherwood Arboretum check list of common birds, please click here

      Bird information courtesy of Professor Hugh Possingham and Dr Mat Gilfedder, Birding Sherwood Arboretum. Images courtesy of Mat and Cathy Gilfedder and Elizabeth Ferguson.