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6. Northern Arboretum (riverside)

Northern Arboretum (riverside) Features Walk fairly quickly west across the open space to the northern river edge. There is little of interest in the short grass and scattered trees, except maybe a flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoo or Little Corella (double [...]

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Kauri Avenue

Kauri Avenue This large conifer tree, from dry rainforests in south-east and north Queensland, was an important food source and of cultural significance for Aboriginal people. The tree is recognised by its very straight trunk, symmetrical bullet-shaped crown of many simple branches [...]

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26. Brown Pine

 Brown Pine Podocarpus elatus This large, fast-growing conifer occurs in dense rainforests from southern New South Wales to eastern Queensland and also on Cape York Peninsula. It is distinguished by the brown, fibrous-fissured bark and the dense crown of narrow sharp-pointed leaves. The [...]

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25. Wheel of Fire

Wheel of Fire  Stenocarpus sinuatus This medium-sized to large multi-trunked tree, from the rainforests of northern New South Wales to north Queensland, is renowned for its eye-catching flowering from February to March. The tree’s common name best describes the circular pattern of red [...]

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24. Flame Tree

Flame Tree Brachychiton acerifolius This medium-sized to large tree found in sub-tropical rainforests of New South Wales and Queensland is renowned for producing masses of small bright red, bell-shaped flowers on leafless branches in late spring or at the end of the [...]

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23. Lacebark

Lacebark Brachychiton discolor This medium-sized tree is from the dry rainforests between central New South Wales and the central Queensland coast. It is admired for its straight, grey and greenish trunk and spectacular flowers. It is distinguished from the Flame Tree by [...]

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22. Coolamon

Coolamon Syzgyium moorei This rare sub-tropical rainforest tree grows in the volcanic soils of north-eastern New South Wales and south-east Queensland. For a New South Wales Myrtle, the tree is unusual in having large 8 to 20 cm long, thick-paired leaves. Stems [...]

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21. Hoop Pine

Hoop Pine Araucaria cunninghamii This large conifer tree grows in dry rainforests of northern New South Wales to north Queensland and on mountains in Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. It is recognised by its very straight trunk, horizontally banded and scaly [...]

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20. Blackbean

Blackbean Castanopsermum australe A medium-sized to large tree found near beaches, coastal streams and in rainforests between central New South Wales and north Queensland. The seeds, about the size of chestnuts and growing in large green pods, are poisonous in their natural [...]

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